Graphic-making and brush tutorials

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Graphic-making and brush tutorials

Post  Lindsay (Admin) on Wed Jan 09, 2008 7:09 pm

All right, for all of you people out there who are new to psp, here is the just of how to make graphics. Smile Some of these may vary a little based on the version of PSP that you have. Wink

Basic Blending
1. Open up the images you want to use.
2. Go to file>new and make a fairly large canvas area (mine is usually at 1400 x 600).
3. Copy/paste your first image as a new selection onto the large canvas.
4. Copy/paste your second image as a new selection onto the large canvas to the right of the first image.
5. Go to the toolbar on the left side of your screen. Find the dotted rectangle. Click on it.
6. You have lots of toolbars at the top portion of your screen. The very bottom one has options including selection type, mode, feather, and smoothing. On feather, turn it up to somewhere around 25, depending on how you're blending. For less blended edges lower numbers are better, more blended is best with higher.
7. Click and drag on your large canvas starting up and to the right of the image on the right. Release once you are below the picture and are at the point on the second picture where you want to blend the extra into the first picture. Basically, you usually want to let go when you are right at the outermost edge of your person's body.
8. Drag the second picture, still selected, to the left onto the first picture. When you are satisfied with where it sits, right click somewhere outside of the selected area.
9. And voila! you've blended!! Now you just need to add brushes. Smile For how to do that scroll down just a bit. Wink

Blending different backgrounds
When you blend different backgrounds you may not exactly get the results you are looking for. To make the backgrounds look more alike, do the first four steps in the above tutorial. Then come here and start at 5. Smile
5. Go to the toolbar on the left side of your screen. Find the dotted rectangle. there should be a little dropdown arrow next to it. Click on it and choose freehand selection, the thing that looks like a lasso.
6. Click and drag it around the perimeter of your picture except where you are going to blend. When you get to that part, carefully go along the edge of the person's body. Be sure to only do this on the edge adjacent to the picture you're blending it with.
7. Click and drag it over. If you can still see too much of the background where you traced along his or her body, try lowering the feather (step 6 above).

Adding Brushes-PSP 8 and up
1. Open your image.
2. Go to File>Export>Custom Brush.
3. Name your brush and save it.
4. On your toolbar on the left side of your screen, select the paint brush tool (or press 'B' on your keyboard).
Go up to the lowermost toolbar on the top of your screen. On the left side of it, just to the right of 'presets', is a dropdown arrow. Click on it and find your brush. Click on your brush and press okay.
5. Use your brush as a stamp; where ever you click it will leave the brush! Smile

Adding Brushes-PSP 7 and below
1. Open your image.
2. Go to the rectangle selection tool and click on it.
3. Use it to select your entire brush.
4. Click on the brush tool. In the toolbox that is at the top right of your screen, click on add new or create or something (sorry, can't remember, it's been a while. Wink).
5. Add your brush, select it, and you're ready to go! Just click on any image or canvas and it will stamp your brush onto it. Smile

If you've got any other questions just post them here or feel free to PM me! Smile
Lindsay (Admin)

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Re: Graphic-making and brush tutorials

Post  Courtney on Sun Feb 03, 2008 3:56 pm

awesome Lindsay! =]


Thanks Vanessa for the avie!

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